About Us

"Ten measures of beauty descended on the world, Jerusalem took nine ,and one the whole world. "

Jerusalem -World's most beautiful city ,where it is a great privilege to live and work.

Come and take an advantage of our  privilage to help you become our neighbor, and to live and strengthen the capital of Israel.

Jerusalem -The 'Kothel' , the magical alleies  , the Old City walls, the beautiful stone houses, the smells of the" shuk" (market) and the combination of  ancient vs new, yesterday vs today ... offers an unparalleled living experience of the world.

'YOZMA REAL-ESTATE'  is an authentic Jerusalemite brokerage, who lives, breaths and kicks in Jerusalem's real-estate's magnificent field.

In our office you will get
a personal and discreet service with a smile from our licensed real estate brokers team,a real estate expert attorney, an architect, a  banking mortgage expert, a real estate appraiser and a registered renovation contractor . 

Together ,we will be happy to provide you with a professional service  regarding your real estate interests.

Want to sell, buy, rent, lease ,invest or just interested in the real estate market in Jerusalem ?A meeting with us does not require any commitments but may be very fruitful .

"YOZMA REAL-ESTATE"- We believe in giving. It's a mutual  interest for all.

"YOZMA REAL-ESTATE" - We love people and understand real estate.

Have a prosperous day, 

                                                       "YOZMA REALESTATE"

Mati Faraji



Yitzhak Faragi